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Rincon Capital
about rincon capital
We Don’t Forget Where We Came From

The founders of Rincon Capital trace their beginnings to Colombia and later the U.S. where they migrated in the late 1980’s seeking security, education and opportunity. John B. Rincon founded Intermex in 1994 and was later joined by his brother Cesar. He founded Intermex after identifying an opportunity in the money transfer industry in emerging Latin American countries. In the ensuing 12 years, Intermex grew to be a global leading processor of money transfer services in the United States-Latin America corridor.

In 2006, John sold a majority stake of Intermex to a New York based investment firm and remained on the board. Rincon Capital was founded after the sale of Intermex in 2006 to invest in Hispanic focused companies and in the United States and their complementary businesses in Latin America. Following a decade of experience at various institutions, Tommy Rincon partnered with John, expanding their traditional focus areas into a multi-strategy investment firm.

This group of individuals, with more than 60 years of combined entrepreneurial expertise and institutional experience, have the knowledge and ability to create value at the property-level.
John B. Rincon
Tommy Rincon
Cesar Rincon
Partner, Development
Jamie Michalove
Senior Director, Investments
Stephen Ficchi
Analyst, Investments
Jim Waldrup
Director, Construction
Coral Tapia