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John Boris Rincon School of Leaders

The John Boris Rincon School of Leaders was born as a non-profit organization in 2005 as an initiative of the Colombian businessman John Boris Rincón.

After years of wondering what would be the best way to impact society, John Boris Rincón returned to his home country to establish a scholarship program at the Santa Librada Educational Institution, a public school, in the city of Cali.

Access to this scholarship program has provided the opportunity to change the lives of the most outstanding young people at Santa Librada Educational Institution and their families every year.

The first round of scholarships was awarded in 2006 and since then The School of Leaders has provided scholarships to the top scholars of each graduating class so they can access higher education of the highest quality, in careers of economic and administrative sciences at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana de Cali.

Beyond simply granting scholarships, the School of Leaders is a fraternity where the skills of its members are developed via complementary training in leadership, entrepreneurship and life project consulting.

The School of Leaders constitutes a collaborative network that is engrained in elevating the social transformation of the Valle del Cauca region of Colombia.

 Since its initial founding, the School of Leaders has contributed to the direct transformation of more than 100 graduates.


To train the future leaders of Colombia by providing access to higher education with top standards of academic, professional and human excellence. We provide opportunities for today’s promising students to become the future leaders that will serve as the agents of change to lead the social transformation of Colombia.


To impact society through professional, upright and visionary leaders, trained in our school, who increase growth opportunities for people in their network and promote the socio-economic development of their home country through their own life projects.


INTEGRITY: We relate from honesty, we do everything with that at our core and for the well-being of our community.
LEADERSHIP: We mobilize the best of each of us to positively influence the lives of the people around us. We make things happen.
VISION: We can see beyond the current moment in time because we are committed to effectuate change in our local region by the development of long-term life projects in our Leaders.